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Guardian Storm Light/ Antiseptic and Anti-virus Air Cleaning LED panel light

Jun. 09, 2020

WISCOON engineer team has upgraded the traditional LED panel, with air circulation purification. Its name is Guardian Storm Light, known as Antiseptic and Anti-virus Air Cleaning LED panel light . 

This Anti virus LED panel Four-layer filter structure can effectively eliminate harmful gases such as indoor harmful bacteria, virus and formaldehyde after decorating 

the house.  Now it can help us keep away from COVID-19


1.Help us counter the virus,bacterial and air pollution surrounded in the environment

2.To make a green healthy life with clean fresh air.

3.Combined with air purifiers function.

4.Easy and quick to install, simple to operate and healthy to human.

5.Antibacterial for Hospital, Bedroom, Office, laboratory, etc.

This is truly an innovation for LED panel. WISCOON will help you open the market.

New Nanometer material, antiseptic and anti-virus air cleaning LED panel light, reducing air particles,eliminating indoor TVOC concentration, Occupying little space. LM more than 100lm/W,CRI more than 80,stable quality, long lifetime and no UV IR emission. The anodized die-cast aluminum house with good heat disspiation design and the reflector treated by anodic oxidation, combined the lamp tightly to make a real high luminous efficiency, powered by low voltage constant current driver, it’s safety, energy saving and long lifetime. Saves 60% power comparing conventional lights, good choice for industrial&commercial lighting solutions.

Guardian Storm Light depends on nanometer materials, such as nanosilver and titanium dioxide, to kill the virus and bacteria. UV Light is just used to activate the activity of nanosilver and titanium dioxide which can easily kill the virus and bacteria. This latest LED panel with air circulation works as a regular LED panel light during disinfection with the nanosilver and titanium dioxide!